Cold Resistant Belt


The carcass is made from Polyester fabric, Nylon fabric, Cotton fabric, or Terylene and Cotton fabric, etc. Adopting lower crystal rubber materials as cover rubber, it allows our Cold Resistant Belt to maintain excellent elasticity and impact resistance at temperature of  -40 degree C. The belt is manufactured by forming and vulcanizing.



Ideally suited to applications in the open air of cold environments or freezer stores/warehouses.


Cold Resistant Grade

C1–Suitable for temperature from -45 to 50 degree

C2–Suitable for temperature from -60 to 50 degree

Performance of Cover Rubber

Cover Grade Tensile Strength Elongation Rate
at Break (%) ≥
Abrasion Loss
(mm³ ) ≤
Change Rate of Tensile
Strength & Elongation
after Aging (%)
(MPa) ≥ (Kg/c㎡) ≥
(C1) 15.0 150.0 350 200 -25 ~ +25
(C2) 18.0 180.0 400 150 -25 ~ +25
When cover rubber thickness ranging from 0.8~1.60mm, it allows 15% tolerance of tensile strength
Aging Test: 70℃×168h